My blogs so far……

Looking through my blogs I haven’t done a lot. So many other students in this subject have and I feel a little upset with myself.

I like reading other students blogs, I was looking at the melissajhorne with her assignment on the 5Es, it was the same with me as I have never of the 5Es until this subject. I have some understanding on what inquiry-based learning is. 

When I start my prac in a couple of weeks I am sure that I will try and bring in inquiry-based learning into the classroom you can see on how much I have grown as an educator in the last 12 months. As Mel mention I am going to have a look at the Primary Connections and understand what they are about.



Getting ready for Professional Experience

As I am getting ready for my prac in less than a month away, I was reading Tim Fisher blog and I started to think yes I am really getting nervous about my prac as I am not good at getting up in front of other people. When I was in my teens years I was a competitive swimmer and I got nervous but over time I got over it and it was not so bad getting up onto the blocks and start swimming. So this means after my first lesson my nervous start to go away and then I can considerate on other lessons. 

My last mentor just said to me just be yourself, being humorless, and also being organised etc. For the last month or so I have been volunteering one day a week at a local high school near me, by doing this my confidence has risen as I have been getting up in front of the students and teaching some lesson, as this has made me feel a lot better in doing my lesson plans.   

So hopefully I can meet my mentor this week sometime and get info needed so that I can get started planning on my assignment and also get ideas on lesson plans for the week to come on my prac. 

EDC3100 Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge

The last couple of month have been hard for me as I has some family stuff going down in Melbourne. Trying to keep up with the blogs are getting on top of me at the minute. I am getting through it now so it back to assignments and study.

The problem was that it had the tendency of only to look at the technology and not how it is used, this is merely introducing technology to the educational process is just not enough. By this I meant that we as teacher not just look at the question of what need to know so that we can have appropriate incorporate technology into our teaching, the main focus should be on how as teachers the technology is used.

As teachers we could develop a theory for educational technology as it is difficult because it requires a detailed understanding of the complex relationships that are contextually bound, as this can be difficult to study cause and the effect when teachers, classrooms, politics, and the curriculum goals vary from state to stat.

If you would like to read more on this hear is the link to it. 

Technological pedagogical content knowledge: a framework for teacher knowledge (Journal)

Finally my Concept Map for ICTs in Special Education

This week has been fairly insanely busy but that is generally life in a household of two young children, my wife running a small business and me, a full time uni student. This week I have been juggling a couple of assignments, one of them being my online artefact for this subject EDC3100. 

As part of creating the online artefact, a weekly activity was to develop a concept map of reasons why we use ICTs in our education area, mine being special education. My concept map has changed over the last few weeks and I purposely waited to post it on the forum until I was satisfied that I had the 3 reasons that made sense to me as to why ICT should be used in a special education setting. My concept map below details my reasons but they include for summary – 1) Inclusion & assistive technologies; 2) Engagement of the students in the content and 3) Collaboration between peers & social skills. 

For me ICT in special education classrooms is more about helping a child develop and have access to opportunities that all other students would have whether its through apps that help them be able to stick to routines & schedules in the mainstream side of school or devices that help them physically participate where they wouldn’t have had an opportunity without it. 

ICT Concept Map

Its interesting to compare my reasons and ideas to my peers. A fellow EDC3100 peer Miss Apple’s ICT Journey and I see similarities in the area of incorporating diverse learners which is reassuring. 

With my concept map now complete and posted, my assignment 1 will be following soon. I hope I have met the objectives and parents would find it interesting and persuasive.




Pedagogy in Special Education

An activity from Week 2 in EDC3100 was to consider the pedagogy for our area for teaching. I have two minors within my Secondary Education degree – special education and history and I applied this to my special education area. I thought it was an interesting task as it made me consider my previous placements in a bit more detail. 


In my placements within special education units in secondary schools, I have helped with the implementation of calendars and schedules for students on the autism spectrum. This can be through the use of diaries or calendars on IPads or organisers.

It helps develop routine and consistency for the ASD student which helps them reduce feelings of being overwhelmed and minimise stress (Qld Government, 2014).


Queensland Government. (2014). Developing supportive routines and schedules. Retrieved August 15, 2014 from  

ICT Trends in Education

ICTs in education is relatively new phenomenon,but educators, researchers and thinkers have taken up the challenges of using ICT since the 1980’s with varied success. In the digital education revolution it was focused on providing computers for students in Years 9-12 with high speed broadband connections to the school. While discussing the trends in ICT in Australia but almost impossible not to focus globally because of the reach of the internet and its services.

Here is the link to the document.